October 01, 2022
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    Defence Ministry requests media to respect privacy of coronavirus infected patients

    April 28, 2020

    The Defence Ministry requests print and electronic media to respect the privacy of coronavirus infected patients and refrain from shooting their places of living and the scenes when the health authorities check their houses.

    It has been practiced by some TV channels to show the events of tracing corona suspects and issuing them health guidance by Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) and Police officials during news telecasts, other news related programs, in news and feature articles in newspapers.

    Appreciating the critical role played by media personnel in educating the public on coronavirus pandemic, Defence Secretary Maj.Gen.(Retd) Kamal Gunaratne said protecting patients privacy is important to encourage patients to come forward for testing.

    The Ministry is also of the view that covering such events would also cause inconvenience to health officials on duty.

    Therefore, the Defence Secretary requests media institutions to educate respective journalists to refrain from moving together with health officials in tracking coronavirus suspected persons or videoing such events for their own health and also to respect the privacy of patients and people who are being directed to quarantine centers.


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