April 01, 2023
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    SERRIC requests to light ‘Adhishtana Pahan’ on Poya Day to invoke blessing on Tri-Forces

    May 06, 2020

    SERRIC requests to light ‘Adhishtana Pahan’ on Poya Day to invoke blessing on Tri-Forces

    A special program to invoke blessings in appreciation of invaluable service of our-time war heroes has been organized by Senehasa Education, Resource, Research and Information Centre (SERRIC) on the Vesak Full Moon day, on May 7

    SERRIC, which functions under the Defence Ministry, has planned to light a lamp themed ‘Adhishtana Pahan’ dedicated to Tri-Forces members contracted with COVID-19 in their effort to contain spread of the virus and their families on the Vesak Poya day in every house, islandwide.

    The organisers request all patriotic Sri Lankans to light the ‘Adhishtana Pahan’ at their homes at 6.15 in the evening on May 7 invoking blessing on coronavirus contracted war heroes and their family members and to wish them fast recovery.

    The program is organised following the directive of the Vice President of Ranaviru Seva Authority and also the Vice President of SERRIC Sonia Kottegoda.

    SERRIC said in a statement that the Tri-Forces personnel got infected while trying to protect the country and its people from falling victim to deadly corona virus at the risk of their personal health.

    “It is the duty and responsibility of all Sri Lankans to pay their tribute to those servicemen at their adversity while encouraging them to continue with their national mission in future,” she said.

    SERRIC, through this program, further hopes to pay the nation’s gratitude to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and all members of security forces and health services for their unwavering commitment in eradicating the pandemic from our soil.

    “We organised this program to invoke blessing on the security and health personnel who are fighting in frontlines to contain the spread of coronavirus and also to encourage them to continue with their community work,” Kottegoda said.


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