February 05, 2023
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    Another 08 naval personnel discharged from hospitals after recovery from COVID-19

    May 08, 2020

    Another 08 naval personnel who were infected COVID-19 at the Welisara Naval Base and admitted to hospitals for treatment, with their full recovery from COVID-19, were discharged from the hospitals on 06th May 2020.

    Seven of this cured naval personnel were discharged from Navy General Hospital (CBO) while the other one was discharged from IDH Hospital. Since, this naval personnel found negative to COVID-19 as per their reports of the PCR tests done after treatment, hospital authorities discharged them on 06th May 2020.

    Further, this discharged naval personnel were directed to be kept under quarantine for another 14 days following the healthcare instructions. Including these persons, 12 naval personnel have been discharged from hospitals after complete recovery from COVID-19.

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