August 07, 2020
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    Four RO plants established by Navy declared open for public use

    July 11, 2020


    Four Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants established by the Navy in Dehiattakandiya area were declared open for the use of general public, on 09th July 2020.

    Accordingly, this RO plant systems were installed making use of the Navy’s manpower and funds of the Ministry of Heath, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, in a bid to quench the drinking water requirement of the people in Dehiattakandiya area. Four RO plants were established at Dehiattakandiya Base Hospital, at Dehi/Dolakanda MV, at Sri Neegrodarama Viharaya-Dehiattakandiya and at Samanalathenna village in Kadirapura, Dehiattakandiya.These RO plants will be capable of providing drinking water for residents of these areas.

    These opening occasions were attend by Commanding Officer SLNS Mahanaga, other officers, Ven. Akkaragama Shraddajeewa Thero of Sri Neegrodarama Viharaya in Dehiattakandiya, Divisional Secretary-Dehiattakandiya Mr Ruwan Sri Hemakumara, Dr. Mahesh Dahanayake of Dehiattakandiya Base hospital, the Principal of Dehi/Dolakanda MV Mr. Shantha Kumara and staff members and the residents of the area.

    The Navy partnering with the Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease, is determined to install more RO plants in areas where high prevalence of kidney disease is recorded.

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