July 23, 2024
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    The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Russia visits the Moscow Clinical Centre for Infectious Diseases

    August 12, 2020

    Ambassador Lamawansa visited the Moscow Clinical Centre for Infectious Deceases named after V.P. Demikhov in Voronovskoye, Moscow region in order to hand over 46 boxes of Ceylon tea as a token of appreciation from Sri Lanka to the medical staff combating COVID-19 and saving patients’ lives on 10 August 2020.


    The Moscow Clinical Centre for Infectious Deceases, Voronovskoye branch is a newly constructed hospital facility which had been built within 5 weeks on the total area of more than 40 hectares in April this year as a response to Covid. After the end of the pandemic, a modern infectious disease hospital will function here. The Center contains 800 patient beds, almost half of which is of intensive care.

    The Ambassador Lamawansa, accompanied by Counsellor HOC Mohamed Anas, Second Secretary (Commercial) Chathurika Perera, Personal Assistant Olesya Romanova and Tea Promotion Assistant Anastasia Kovalenko, had meetings with Head of Voronovskoye branch of the Clinical Centre Dr. Nikolay Karpun, Deputy Head for technical support and construction Alexander Pestov, Chief Personnel Manager Angela Zabrodnaya, Chief anaesthetist and intensive care specialist Sergey Avdeykin.

    Dr. Karpun noted the tight deadlines required for the construction of the Clinical hospital, purchasing proper medical equipment and training of the medical personnel brought together from 91 cities and regions of Russia so that the hospital could launch its work in an efficient manner.

    During the meeting Dr. Karpun and Ambassador Lamawansa discussed the new wave of COVID expected and the role of vaccination in the virus control and prevention. On behalf of the government and people of Sri Lanka, Ambassador Lamawansa expressed his deepest respect and gratitude to all doctors and medical staff of the hospital for their tireless efforts in saving people’s lives in the context of the world’s pandemic. The Head of Sri Lankan Mission highly appreciated Russia being the first country in the world to produce a vaccine against new coronavirus.

    Taking the Embassy’s initiative endorsed by the Sri Lanka Tea Board, 12 leading Ceylon tea exporters to Russia contributed to this generous donation.


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