October 26, 2020
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    Base qualification for JPs set as GCE O/L

    September 25, 2020


    In granting Justice of Peace positions to persons in rural areas, the base qualification required would be the GCE O/L, said Justice Minister Ali Sabri.

    Responding to a question raised by MP Shantha Bandara during the round of questions for oral answers in parliament yesterday, Minister Ali Sabri said that he feels that it is not suitable to appoint JPs based solely on their educational qualifications. “Hence, I will act towards appointing those who are committed to social welfare activities and those who have the time to work in such a position for the welfare of the people. Accordingly, the GCE O/L would be considered as the base qualification when appointing such JPs.”

    MP Shantha Bandara pointed out that there are a large number of social workers in the rural areas who only possess the GCE O/L qualifications and whether such positions of JPs would be given to such social workers.

    Bandara posing a supplementary question asked the Justice Minister whether measures have also been taken to bring down Arjun Mahendran who is implicated in the Central Bank Treasury Bond scam which caused the country huge losses.

    In response, Minister Ali Sabri said that he would have to consult with the Attorney General’s Office regarding this matter and could not give an immediate response.


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