April 12, 2021
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    The COPE Committee to take into discussion the importation and use of plastic

    March 04, 2021

    The Environmental Audit Report on the Plastic Importing, Management of usage, and post usage in Sri Lanka has been scheduled to be discussed at the Committee on Public Enterprises on the 09 th of March 2021.

    The COPE Committee chaired by Member of Parliament Prof. Charitha Herath has summoned 08 state institutions to the committee in the months of March and April.

    Lanka Mineral Sands Company is scheduled to present itself before the COPE Committee on March 23 rd and the Performance Report on Evaluation the Performance on the Process of Establishment of New Export Processing Zones is to be summoned on March 24 th. The postgraduate institute of science of the University of Peradeniya is scheduled to be summoned on March 26 th.
    The Geological Survey and Mines Bureau has been summoned to the COPE Committee on April 06 th and the Land Reform Commission has been summoned on April 07 th . On April 20 th.
    the COPE Committee will inquire into past irregularities of the Sri Lanka National Film Corporation.
    In addition, the People's Bank and the Development Lotteries Board will be summoned before the COPE on April 21 st and 23 rd respectively.




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