June 16, 2021
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    Unauthorized constructions will be demolished to prevent floods in Wattala and Ja-Ela areas. Nimal Lanza - State Minister for Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure

    June 10, 2021

    State Minister, Nimal Lansa stated that the main reason for the inundation of some areas in the Wattala and Ja-Ela electorates due to the recent heavy rains is unauthorized constructions and steps will be taken to remove them immediately.

    This was stated by the State Minister at a discussion held at the Ministry June (08).

    The main reason for the inundation of Wattala and Ja-Ela areas is the illegal settlements that have been done by filling up the swamps. Accordingly, we have decided to obtain reports from the relevant Divisional Secretaries and demolish the unauthorized structures. Accordingly, the Gampaha District Secretary has already been instructed to take necessary action.

    In the past, the construction of the Ja-Ela canal was planned so that when the water level rises, the water would flow into the Mathurajawela wetland zone. The roads that were supposed to allow water to flow into these swamps have been illegally occupied by some businessmen. Therefore, the government will take over all these areas and take action to
    stop the flooding of those areas in the Gampaha District, said State Minister Nimal Lana.

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