September 22, 2021
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    Air Mobile Brigade Presents Its Future Strategies to HE the President

    August 04, 2021

    The day’s next segment of the Presidential itinerary inside the Army Headquarters assumed importance of different nature with the launch of the documented book, ‘Towards a Dazzling Future;

    Air Mobile Brigade 2021-2026’ that formulates strategic approaches for enhancement of capabilities and capacities in order to get the best output from the Airmobile Brigade in future. This effort sums up the series of its previous operations since its inception in the year 1994 and highlights the ways and means to overcome lapses, modernize and reorganize the Airmobile Brigade in line with the ongoing SLAWFS 2020 - 2025 project. The 53 Division through which the Air Mobile Brigade’s policy outline is to be
    implemented expects to bridge the gap between the Special Operations Forces (SOF) and the Infantry for national security priorities.

    Major General Nishantha Manage, General Officer Commanding, 53 Division under which the Air Mobile Brigade operates, presented a brief introductory account that led to the compilation of the book as part of the Commander’s initiative under the ‘Army Way Forward Strategy 2020 - 2025’ (SLAWFS 2020 - 2025). The SLAWFS 2020 - 2025, a well-researched collective effort of civil-military scholars for more than ten months focuses on the Army’s future strategies, development of defence spectrum and national security perspectives, modernization and upgrading of standards, constant need for adaptation to shifting circumstances, amid complex global threats, is meant for adoption in the next five years. The Air Mobile Brigade’s contribution is also regarded an indispensable wing in these operations and preparations.

    After a summarized preamble of the book, ‘Towards a Dazzling Future; Air Mobile Brigade 2021-2026’, its maiden copy was presented to the day’s Chief Guest, HE the President. General Shavendra Silva, together with Major General Nishantha Manage joined the occasion. The Principal Advisor to HE the President, Mr Lalith Weeratunge, Secretary to HE the President, Dr P.B Jayasundara, Secretary Defence, General Kamal Gunaratne (Retd), General Shavendra Silva and a few other Senior Officers witnessed the occasion.

    General Shavendra Silva expressing his gratitude to HE the President for his gracious presence at the new Army Headquarters for the first time awarded a special memento to HE the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa as curtains fell down on that segment of the day’s events.

    The Air Mobile Brigade was raised on 1 May 1994 in Vavuniya under the command of its founding father, Brigadier H.N Halangoda for the exclusive purpose of rapid deployment in the event of emergencies using air mobility tactics. This aviation wing of the Army is famed for its bravery in the battlefield and its dedicated contribution to the, ‘Operation Riviresa - 1995’, ‘Operation Jayasikuru - 1997’, ‘Operation Kinihira - 2000’, ‘Operation Agnikeela - 2001’ and the final Humanitarian Operations between 2006 - 2009. At present, the Air Mobile Brigade consists of five Battalions, namely 24 Sri Lanka Light Infantry, 12 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, 5 Gemunu Watch, 3 Gajaba Regiment, and 1 Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment.




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