September 30, 2022
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    China Gifts 300,000 Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines to Sri Lanka Armed Forces;

    August 28, 2021

     China Gifts 300,000 Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines to Sri Lanka Armed Forces;

    A total of 3 million to Sri Lanka

    The Ministry of National Defence of China will gift 300,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccines to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

    The Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing is coordinating with the Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka, and the Ministry of National Defence, China, to airfreight the vaccines. The Ministry of National Defence, China said that the President of China and the Central Military Commission attach great importance to this gift to Sri Lanka as our Armed Forces in collaboration with Health Services continue to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic.

    China previously gifted 2.7 million doses of Sinopharm vaccines to Sri Lanka. With the current gift of 300,000 doses, the total quantity gifted by China will be 3 million. China and Sri Lanka have stood together and helped each other since the outbreak of the epidemic, and this gift marks a new chapter in the friendship between the two countries.

    Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Cina Dr. Palitha Kohona expressed his gratitude to the Government of China in assisting Sri Lanka to confront the challenge of Covid 19. Ambassador Dr. Kohona further said that China has never been reluctant to assist the Sri Lankan People whenever Sri Lanka needed help.

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