October 23, 2021
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    Selected roads in Galle to broaden and develop soon

    September 25, 2021

    All the selected roads in Galle town and its surroundings will be broadened and developed soon in order to ease the vehicular traffic in the area, Highways Minister Johnston Fernando said that he instructed his Ministry Secretary.

    The project is to be implemented under the Southern Province National Road Development project on the sidelines of the program to develop a national road network island-wide.

    The Highway Ministry and the Road Development Authority have identified the need to build two bridges and broaden and develop eight roads in order to minimize the prevailing heavy traffic in Galle town and its surroundings. The preliminary planning has already been completed, the Minister said.

    Among the project are: building two bridges, one at Iththapana and the other over Maduganga; building four Lanes between Colombo-Galle Entry Point of the Expressway and Marine Drive; building a new road between Pinnaduwa Interchange and Karapitiya Teaching Hospital; broadening Galle-Baddegama road up to Hiribura; developing Main Street of Galle town; broadening of Galle-Wakwella road with four lanes, extending and developing Richmond Hill road to Karapitiya hospital; developing the road from Hiribura junction to Karapitiya Hospital and building a new service road parallel to the road between Pinnaduwa and Galle Road.

    In addition, it is proposed to develop all the road signboards, traffic light systems and roundabouts of this road network.

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