October 23, 2021
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    More Tri Service Parachutists Pass out Adding More Skills & Teeth to Airborne Operations

    September 30, 2021

    The Sri Lanka Army on Wednesday (29) morning added more teeth to airborne skills of tri servicemen among Special Operation Forces by graduating 74 more parchutists upon completion of their special training in Combat Airborne & Pathfinder Course No: 2 and Basic Airborne Course No: 86 A during a brief ceremony, headed by General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army as the Chief Guest at the 22 Division HQ premises in Trincomalee.

    The day's military formalities got to a start soon after the arrival of the day’s Chief Guest, General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army at the premises to be welcomed by Major General Harendra Ranasinghe, Commander, Reserve Strike Corps, along with Brigadier Vijitha Hettiarachchi, Commando Brigade Commander.

    Both Courses, founded by the Commando Regiment, Regimental HQ had their training slots covering several island-wide Army, Navy and Air Force training schools/formations. The Combat Airborne & Pathfinder Course (CAPC), commenced on 26th July 2021 with 01 Officer and 25 Other Ranks from Commando & Special Forces of the Army with tri service members in Special Operations Forces, including the Special Boat Squadron of the Sri Lanka Navy and Regimental Special Forces of the Sri Lanka Air Force was designed in order to enhance their aerial skills and capabilities in pathfinder missions.

    Wednesday's ceremony saw 1 Officer and 25 Other Ranks of the Special Operation Forces who successfully completed the CAPC with excellent performances received the insignias from the day's Chief Guest. Due to prevailing pandemic and health guidelines, a restricted representative group of the CAPC was adorned with those insignias. After adorning their shoulders with new airborne insignias, General Shavendra Silva congratulated the day’s graduates and underlined the importance of their duties for the sake of the country. Course graduates finally sat for a group photo with the day's Chief Guest and other Senior Officers adding memories to their graduation. The brief ceremony culminated with an All Rank tea arrangement where the Army Chief shared a few thoughts with the day's graduates.

    The CAPC curriculum provides special training in Advanced Navigation Techniques and First Aid process, Techniques of insertion from ground, Air or water platform operations, Selecting, Marking and Securing of dropping zones, Marking of Aerial Navigation Charts and Techniques of directing aircraft, Survival and special jungle exercises, etc. The trainees are facilitated to perform five parachute jumps including day & night equipment jumps and water jumps and undergo training inside Air Force bases in Katunayake and Ratmalana with exposure on aircrafts, their capabilities and constraints and other related areas. Field trips to the Department of Meteorology during this Course educates them about weather forecasting systems in relation to conduct of military operations, etc.

    The Basic Airborne Course (BAC) No: 86 A, commenced on 26 July 2021 with 48 Other Ranks, equally selecting two 24-member strong team from Commando & Special Forces Regiments. They too successfully completed 5 day jumps, including an equipment jump and a night jump during the BAC in order to initially qualify as a basic para trooper.

    Over the years, the Sri Lankan parachuting has been gradually expanded to higher levels with establishment of the Parachute Training School of the Commando Regiment which is dedicated to conduct special training for members of Sri Lankan armed forces, offering the Basic Airborne Course, Free-fall Course, Airborne Instructor & Jump Master Course, Rigger Course and Combat Airborne & Pathfinder Course and other parachute related training modules.

    Major General Priyanka Fernando, Director General General Staff, Major General Channa Weerasuriya Commander, Security Forces- East, Major General Krishantha Gnanaratne, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 14 Division and Colonel of the Regiment CR, Major General Sanath Aluihare, GOC, 12 Division, Major General Anil Samarasiri, GOC 65 Division, Directors, Senior Officers from Commando Regiment and SF Regiment, Officers and Other Ranks were associated with the day's passing out event.

    The history of Sri Lankan Parachuting dates back to its first Basic Airborne training course that ended on 29th December 1979 in India where 03 officers and 23 Other Ranks received graduation at the Parachute Training School in Agra, India. Major S. D Peiris who is considered as the Father of Commandos was the first Sri Lankan Paratrooper who flew with a parachute, opening a new chapter in the Sri Lankan history. Thereafter, the 1st Air borne Course in the country was conducted at Ganemulla Commando Camp for a group of Commandos with the intention of commencing the parachute training within the country and to enhance the airborne operation capabilities of Army troops.

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