December 04, 2021
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    Sri Lankan Army Chief Invited to the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School

    October 28, 2021

    The Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, General Shavendra Silva, currently in the Russian Federation on the invitation of his Russian counterpart, General of the Army, Oleg Salyukov as one more part of the itinerary in Moscow was invited to the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School, just two hours after he has had fruitful bilateral discussions with the Russian Land Force Commander in his Moscow office complex on Monday (25).

    Major General Roman Binyukov, Commandant, Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School at the entrance to the School welcomed the visiting Sri Lankan Army Chief, General Shavendra Silva before he was ushered in and shown around education facilities, different units and also a classroom with Officers under training at the School. The Commandant also briefed the visiting Sri Lankan military leader on new researched products and manufactured innovations of the School's engineering troops as part of the school curriculum and explained about the branches, faculties, departments, research groups and laboratories, academic courses, doctoral studies, postgraduate studies, units and educational process support services, available in the School.

    After brief interactions, Commandant, Major General Roman Binyukov, awarded a symbolic memento to the day's visitor, General Shavendra Silva to the School. The gesture was reciprocated. A few Senior Officers of the School were also associated with the occasion.

    The Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School is a higher military educational institution of the Russian Armed Forces, formed in December 1917 as the 1st Moscow revolutionary machine gun officers' school which later became as the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School and is designed to train commanding officers and military engineers with higher professional education and conduct fundamental and applied scientific research, aimed at solving the problems of strengthening the country's defence capability and improving the professional education of military personnel.
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