August 19, 2022
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    Fuel Information Management System to be introduced for Efficiency in Fuel

    June 12, 2022

    The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), announces the launch of the Fuel Information Management System to provide greater efficiency in fuel Distribution Island-wide.

    The initiative is a collaboration between ICTA, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, and the Ministry of Power and Energy.
    The fuel information management system will provide the public with visibility about the fuel stations that offer fuel, and the availability. During the first phase, the system will be updated daily in the morning, with the information about the fuel dispatch, along with the fuel filling station details, the quantity of fuel dispatched, and the availability of stocks. The public would be able to search for the availability of fuel by location, fuel station, and fuel type and the platform will be accessible via web, mobile, and SMS. Implementing the system would ease the burden, time and hassle of public queuing up at fuel stations not knowing when the next fuel bowser will be received by the fuel staion. The public can log into the system via and follow the instructions. In addition, one can also use the SMS feature by following three easy steps.

    Step 1- Type FUEL -Space-Fuel Station Code-send to 1919
    Step 2- Information about fuel availability will be displayed as follows
     Shed name
     Telephone Number of the Shed
     Available fuel capacity: P92 - (capacity), P95 - (capacity), D - (capacity),
    SD- (capacity),Kerosine - (capacity)
     Bowser dispatched date & time
     Last updated date & time
    Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Jayantha De Silva Chairman ICTA stated, “we are happy to introduce this system together with the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, and the Ministry of Power and Energy. Our teams have worked tirelessly to implement this system and we believe it is a timely initiative to ease the hassle and burden faced by the public”.

    During the second phase of implementing the system, fuel stations will be able to issue tokens to the general public. At the same time, the public would also be able to subscribe for updates once the stations start reissuing fuel. This feature will be made available in the system in the near future. Log in to for more and details about frequently asked questions.

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