August 08, 2022
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    National Fuel Pass to be Implemented Island-wide from today (01)

    August 01, 2022

    National Fuel Pass to be Implemented Island-wide from today (01)
    System Successfully Trialled at 1,000 Fuel Stations

    The Ministry of Power and Energy recently announced that the National Fuel Pass will be implemented and strictly enforced at all CEYPETCO and LIOC locations island-wide from today the 1 st August 2022. The newly introduced system also reached the milestone of trialling its QR-based fuel distribution system at more than 1,000 stations with over 1,000,000 transactions to date.

    The National Fuel Pass, which was introduced to provide the public a convenient and easily accessible solution to obtain fuel and facilitate an allocation-based fuel distribution method, has also surpassed 4.8 million vehicle registrations to-date.

    National Fuel Pass was implemented island-wide with the support of the National Youth Services Council, and District and Divisional level government officers from Tuesday 26th July, at multiple CEYPETCO and LIOC sheds, where 60% of the locations across the country have already been equipped and tested, and will be prioritised in the distribution of fuel. The public is requested to register with National Fuel Pass and support the initiative to enable an accessible and equitable allocation-based fuel distribution method.

    In addition, options have been provided to users to register multiple vehicles with their business registration and for Government institutes to register as well. Divisional Secretaries will be given access to the platform to register generators, gardening equipment and other equipment. Police Departments and Divisional Secretaries will also be given access to register 3-wheelers, allocating each 3- wheeler to one specific fuel station. Furthermore, Ministry of Transport will be given access to register buses, allocating them to depots or fuel stations accordingly. Other services such as Health, Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism, Industries and service providing sectors will be given access to the system to register their requirements and allocation of vehicles at fuel stations.

    To register for a Fuel Pass, visit and follow the registration process, after which a unique Fuel Pass in the form of a QR code will be displayed – which can be saved on a mobile device or printed to be produced at fuel outlets. As per the newly introduced system, each vehicle, once registered for the Fuel Pass, will be allocated a weekly quota of fuel, which will be refreshed every Sunday night (any unutilised quota will not be carried forward).

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