March 24, 2023
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    Women's Day Message

    March 08, 2023

    Despite the economic challenges the country is currently facing, I am extremely pleased that Women's Day is being celebrated on this occasion, that too under the theme "She is the pride of the Nation”, reflecting the pride, honour and strength of women.

    It is gratifying to note that women account for more than half of the Sri Lankan population, and is among the social development indicators of the world's developed countries. Today uniquely, the literate Sri Lankan woman, professionally contributes significantly to the country’s economy, and therefore is a strength of the nation.

    I recall that the Ministry of Women's Affairs of Sri Lanka was temporarily designated as one of my portfolios, with the objective of maximizing the contribution of this country's women, in the journey to build a resilient nation, by utilizing their multiple attributes.

    The Government is further committed to increasing women participation in management and political decision-making, and therefore has implemented a comprehensive program to secure an increase of women's representation not only in Parliament, but also in the public and private sectors.

    In addition, the measures required to present to Parliament, the Act on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment have already been initiated. It is also envisaged for a National Women's Commission to be established as an independent body through an Act of Parliament. Further, the need to appoint an Ombudswoman as well as women to Directorate Boards in the fields of plantations and apparel have been recognized.

    The Government has already implemented plans to empower women with required skills based on equality, in order to broadly contribute to the country’s economy, with the goal of creating a generation of courageous women, who understand their role in the contemporary world.

    I extend warm greetings on this International Women's Day, being confident of the support of the female generation of this country in its entirety, in order to facilitate the Government's new reform program in rebuilding the country's collapsed economy and create a successful "Developed Nation in 2048".


    Ranil Wickremesinghe
    Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
    08th March 2023

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