July 17, 2024
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    No illegal activities shall be permitted on the lands owned by the Mahaweli Authority Featured

    May 03, 2024

    Mr. Lohan Ratwatte, the State Minister for Plantation Industries and Mahaweli Development, emphasized that the Mahaweli Authority will not tolerate any illegal activities on its land.

    The State Minister also noted that efforts to address issues concerning the lands owned by the Mahaweli Authority have been prioritized alongside the implementation of the “Urumaya” program.

    State Minister Mr. Lohan Ratwatte conveyed these views during his attendance at the press conference held at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) yesterday (02), under the theme ‘Collective path to a stable country’.

    The State Minister further commented:

    Sri Lanka is primarily an agricultural country, and the Mahaweli Authority plays a significant role in contributing to the agricultural sector.

    Therefore, our ministry oversees agricultural products such as tea, rubber, coconut, and minor export crops.

    The Mahaweli Development Authority oversees 10 major dams in the country, which are instrumental in generating the electricity required for the nation. Therefore, if these two ministries are utilized effectively, it has the potential to make the country self-sufficient in agriculture.

    Under the leadership of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Ministries of Agriculture and Plantation Industries have been consolidated into a single entity. This consolidation streamlines the advancement of our nation’s agricultural sector.

    Additionally, it is noteworthy that the agricultural modernization program is already underway.

    There are also challenges concerning the land owned by the Mahaweli Development Authority. Efforts have been directed towards resolving these issues in tandem with the implementation of the “Urumaya” program.

    It is important to highlight that the “Urumaya” program, implemented under the guidance of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, holds significant importance. This initiative aims to provide free land titles to individuals who do not possess them. Already, approximately 25,000 freehold deeds have been successfully issued under this program.

    Arrangements have been made to distribute freehold deeds to an additional 6,000 individuals in the Polonnaruwa district by the end of this week. Furthermore, it is imperative to emphasize that no illegal activities will be tolerated on lands owned by the Mahaweli Authority.

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