July 17, 2024
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    Navy assists rescue of fishermen from distressed local multi-day fishing trawler off southern coast, through coordination of MRCC Colombo

    May 31, 2024

    The Sri Lanka Navy today (31st May 2024) rendered assistance to rescue 06 fishermen from a distressed local multi-day fishing trawler which was about 480 nautical miles (889km) off Dondra, south of Sri Lanka. The fishermen were retrieved by a tanker in the sea area, on being coordinated by the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Colombo.

    The local multi day fishing trawler (Reg No. IMUL – A - 0866 CHW) was reported to have left the Vennappuwa Fisheries Harbour with 06 fishermen on 21st March 2024 for a fishing voyage. Meanwhile, the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DFAR) alerted MRCC Colombo established in the Navy Headquarters to assist the crew members onboard as their fishing trawler was in distress.

    In a prompt response, the Navy swiftly notified merchant vessels in the vicinity to assist the distressed fishing trawler. Consequently, the nearby Japanese-flagged tanker MT 'TONEGAWA' arrived at the trawler's location toassist. Coordinated by MRCC Colombo, MT 'TONEGAWA' successfully rescued all six fishermen unharmed on 31st May. Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Navy ship will bring the rescued fishermen to shore in the coming days. 

    The Sri Lanka Navy in coordination with MRCC Colombo continues to exemplify its dedication and unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives within Sri Lanka's search and rescue jurisdiction, serving as a beacon of hope and security for seafarers and the fishing community.

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