July 17, 2024
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    Foreign Minister visits Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum

    July 06, 2024

    Foreign Minister Ali Sabry who is on an Official visit to Japan had visited the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum.


    Following his visit to the Museum, minister said that, “the images and stories of devastation are etched into my memory, leaving me shocked and deeply moved. The unimaginable human suffering and destruction serve as a powerful reminder of the true cost of war.”

    He further said, “War, violence, and destruction are never the answers to our problems. Peace and stability are worth every sacrifice we can make. Every one of us has a role in fostering peace, but those in positions of authority carry an immense responsibility to de-escalate tensions and resolve our differences peacefully.”

    Sri Lanka will always stand for peace and is committed to playing a significant role in nuclear non-proliferation. We will work closely with our Japanese friends to ensure that the horrors of Hiroshima are never repeated.

    This visit has deeply reinforced my belief that our collective humanity is our greatest strength. Let us honor the memory of those who suffered by dedicating ourselves to a future free of violence and conflict.

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