October 17, 2019
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    Annual Esala Festival of Boltumbe Saman Devalaya

    July 29, 2015

    The annual Esala festival of the Boltumbe Saman Maha devalaya commenced under the patronage of the Chief Minister.  

    The Saman Devala perahera will parade the streets until the night of July 31 and the festival will end on August 01 morning with the water cutting ceremony.
    The Balangoda, Boltumbe Saman Devalaya Esala Perahera follows its own practices and rituals and is a distinct cultural pageant  in the country.
    The  Balangoda, Boltumbe Saman Devalaya is considered as most ancient temple out of the  Saman Devalayas in Ratnapura, Deraniyagala and Mahiyangana situated centering Adams Peak.

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