December 07, 2019
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    Western and Souther PC Elections - March 29

    March 26, 2014

    All election propaganda campaigns for the Western and Southern Provincial Councils will conclude by midnight today (26).

    The Election Commissioner has requested all political parties and candidates to refrain from engaging in any form of election propaganda activity, from midnight today.  He has said that this period of silence is for the voters to take a final decision after evaluating the information they have gathered.


    Election offices which have already been established on polling district basis can function till the midnight of 27.03.2014, but propaganda activities at such offices should cease after midnight on 26.03.2014.  Similarly, display of boards, posters or decorations in the notified central offices or in any office which is allowed to be established in the district for a candidate or in the residence of the candidate are prohibited after the midnight on 26.03.2013.  All the candidates and supporters are therefore requested to remove all such boards and decorations after the midnight on Wednesday (26).


    Teams of Police Officers of District/Regional Headquarters and monitoring officers will visit to inspect such places in the forenoon on Thursday (27).  Also, party offices in polling districts should be removed from the forenoon on Friday (28) and action will be taken to remove illegal offices, if any.


    The Election Commissioner has  requested all the candidates and their supporters to comply with the above requirements in order to ensure a free and fair election.


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