April 01, 2023
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    Religious events in Brazil to invoke blessings on President

    March 27, 2014

    Sri Lankan Embassy with the Sri Lankan community conducted a  "Pinkama" to invoke blessings on the President and  those involved in the defense of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans, on  Geneva Deliberations.

    Sri Lankan Embassy conducts "Bana" on  every "Poya Day delivered by the resident Monk Ven. KaravilakotuweDhammatilaka or/and other priests invited for the occasion sponsored by the community. Sri Lankan Temple Headed by Rev.Dhammatilaka and the Meditation Center in Galilee with the Israel Resident Monk is a blessing for the South Asian Buddhist Community in their religious and cultural rituals in Israel.  


    Sri Lankan Embassy in Israel has upgraded their Website to assist communicating the likeminded Sri Lankan Expatriate community to prepare a data base and communicate with in order to exchange information, Knowledge and strategy in supporting the Sri Lankan Activist in defense of the Nation.


    Pictures show Ambassador Sarath Wijesinghe, Deputy Ambassador Maj General Jagath Alwis, First Secretary Priyantha Weerasekara and a section of the staff and the community participating.


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