October 16, 2019
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    UNP did nothing to support war effort of forces

    June 19, 2014

    Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena said in Parliament yesterday (18) that the UNP had not supported the security forces in their war waged against terrorists.

    The Minister said this participating in a debate on a motion signed by nine UPFA MPs against UNHRC sponsored investigation into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka. Today is the second day of the debate.

    The Minister said: “The UNP wished and prayed that our forces would lose the war against Prbhakaran and that loss would pave way for the loss of the President so that they could come to power.

    “The war lasted for 30 years from the times of JR Government and those governments fell fighting against the LTTE. The UNP thought that the Mahinda Rajapaksa government would experience the same predicament. But we did otherwise. We won the war. Now the UNP has joined hands with the international community to cook up war crime allegations against us. This is nothing but political hypocrisy.”

    “We are a member nation of the United Nations and are bound to protect UN conventions. We have done so and are doing so. The LTTE that had been defeated in this land had got some of their cronies abroad to give false facts to the UNHRC. The LTTE’s international operatives were always good in propaganda. The UNHRC has called for an investigation on the basis of lies provided to them by the LTTE sympathetic forces living abroad.

    “We have the ability and potential to sort out the internal problems. These investigations coming via Geneva is an attempt to give oxygen to the defunct separatists. The opposition is so overwhelmed by the political hypocrisy that it cannot stand up and tell the international community with us that there is no need of international investigations and we could solve these issues domestically without foreign interventions.


    “Common people and us experienced a brutal war and underwent so many difficulties. We should think whether we like to see the resumption of that situation again. Entire world witnessed and acknowledge the talents of our war heroes. Many other nations have failed before terrorism, but we have been able to conquer terrorism. That is why we have the blessings of all the people,” the minister added.

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