February 25, 2020
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    top scorers in the Hambantota preferential votes list

    March 31, 2014

    D.V.Upul of the UNFPA tops the preferential votes in the Hambantota District securing 66,995 preferential votes.

    M. K. Kasun has secured 2nd place by obtaining 55,881 preferential votes and 3rd place from the UPFA ticket has gone to Ajith Rajapaksha who has obtained 34,591 preferential votes.


    Tennakoon Gamage Senarathne managed to obtain the highest number of preferential votes from the UNP nominations list by securing 28,829 preferential votes while Nimal Lal - Chandra has obtained 2nd place from the UNP ticket by obtaining 17,199 votes.


    Nihal Galappaththi was the leading JVP candidate, managing to obtain 11,957 preferential votes.


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