November 14, 2019
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    Shan Wijaylal secures highest preferential votes in Galle

    March 31, 2014

    Former Chief Minister of Southern Province Shan Wijayalal De Silva tops the preferential votes list in the Galle District, Former Chief Minister who contested under the UPFA banner has obtained 95,860 preferential votes in the Galle District.

    The second place has been secured by the Former Provincial Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, Rural Industries, Rural Development, Tourism, Economic Promotion and Social Welfare U. G. D. Ariyathilaka also from the UPFA list with 48,289 votes and Sampath Athukorala.came third with a total number of 42,532 votes in the Galle District.


    Galle District (UPFA):


    Shan Wijayalal – 95,860
    U.G.D. Ariyathilake – 48,289
    Sampath Athukorala – 42,532


    Galle District (UNP):


    Bandulal Bandarigoda – 32,020
    W. Hettiarachchi – 23,577

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