October 23, 2018


    New National Action Plan to combat diabetes

    November 13, 2017

    President Maithripala Sirisena stressed the need for a National Action Plan to combat diabetes, which is a major Non-Communicable Disease affecting a very large number of people the world over.

    The President was participating in the National Diabetes Day Walk, held at Galle Face Green last morning.

    The President also proposed the declaration of a Diabetes Month, to educate the people on measures to prevent the decease, through the implementation of a national programme with the participation of all hospital staff, including doctors and MOH officers.

    The President also emphasised the need to take firm decisions against products with heavy sugar content and the stringent implementation of the tax on beverages with heavy sugar mixtures.

    The Diabetes Walk was jointly organized by the Health Ministry’s Bureau on Non-Communicable Disease, Sri Lanka Diabetes Congress and the Medical Institute on Diabetes and Endocrine.

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