April 24, 2019

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    Discipline in all sectors required towards development – President

    December 07, 2017

    “To take the country towards the development, there should be a discipline in all sectors in the country”, said President Maithripala Sirisena.


    “That discipline should be started from the politician and extended to every sector”, he added, addressing the new Samurdhi officers who are on leadership training at the Infantry Training Center in Minneriya yesterday (6th Dec.).


    When the President arrived at the training center he was welcomed by the new Commander, Security Forces – East (SF-E) Major General Santhusitha Pananwala and the Commandant, ITC, Minneriya Brigadier Suraj Bansajaya.


    President Sirisena said it was the proper discipline which led our security forces to defeat the most brutal terrorist organization in the world and brought the freedom and peace for the motherland.


    The President, recalling his life experience about risk, determination, commitment and winning the challenges, pointed out the importance of being disciplined to take the correct direction while living in a society which is moving through the incorrect path.


    After addressing the Samurdhi officers the President held cordial discussions with them. He recalled the responsibility of the Samurdhi officers to recognize the heartbeat of the common people and fulfill their requirements.


    This leadership training program themed ‘Development of Leadership Skills and Positive Thinking through Theoretical and Practical Training’ is held with the participation of 1904 Samurdhi officers, of which 1521 are new recruits. It is organized by the security forces.

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