February 19, 2019

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    Currency note issued to commemorate Independence anniversary presented to the President

    February 04, 2018

    The new currency note with a face value of thousand rupees issued by the Central Bank in order to commemorate the 70th independence anniversary falls on 4th of February was presented to President Maithripala Sirisena by Governor of the Central Bank Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy at the Presidential secretariat on 2nd February).


    This is the fourth commemorative currency note issued by the Central Bank.


    The size of the currency note, prominent colours, and security zeal are similar to the currency note belonging to the 11th series of Rs.1000, which is in current circulation. There is a logo exhibiting diversity instead of the sign of butterfly. On the bottom of the left side stands the logo of the 70th Independence Anniversary Day. Instead of the picture of Ramboda Tunnel on the thousand note of the 11th series there is a temple, church, kovil and a chapel.


    The Central Bank announces that this currency note will be in circulation through Licensed Commercial Banks (LCB’s) from February 6, 2018.


    The Head of the Public Debt department of the Central Bank, Deepa Senevirathne, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Dr .P. Nandalal Weerasighe and others participated in this event.

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