July 16, 2019
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    Reconstruction of ancient 'Gini Petti Palama' commences Featured

    September 08, 2018

    The reconstruction works of the ancient 'Gini Petti Palama' (match box bridge) in Polonnaruwa commenced today (07) under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena. The match box bridge, built in the beginning of the Govi Janapada agriculture settlement program, was built, facilitating water flow from the North canal which carries water to thousands of acres of paddy fields. The recent dilapidation of this bridge has caused many difficulties to the paddy farmers in the area.

    Later, under the instructions of the President the officers of the Irrigation Department reconstructed the damaged areas of the bridge swiftly to restore the water supply to the farmers. The President also engaged in an observational tour of the site and promised to the people to take swift actions to rebuild the bridge. Fulfilling that pledge steps have been taken to construct the bridge at a cost of Rs. 250 million.

    The President unveiled a commemorative plaque commencing the construction of the site and inspected the site. The Zonal Director of the Irrigation Department in Polonnaruwa, Mr. S.K. Sevagama apprised the President of the proposed plan of the new bridge.The President also officially declared open the alternative bridge constructed in parallel to the match box bridge under the "Pibidemu Polonnaruwa (Awakening of Polonnaruwa)" District Development Project.

    Meanwhile President Sirisena will set the corner stone National Vocational Training Centre of Polonnaruwa which is proposed to be built under National Vocational Training Authority. This training center composed of all the modern facilities will be constructed in a land of 17 Acres on the road of Polonnaruwa, Hikurakgoda, Madirigiriya road, Dora Deka area the amount spent on this is Rs.6500 million. The Government of Netherlands provides funds for this project.

    This training center which has modern technical facilities will be providing the training of full time courses of NVQ 4 and 5 levels for 1325 Technical assistants and diploma holders annually and despite that will hold semi diplomas for the professionals. Five training schools will be opened for the fields of construction, motor mechanism, electronics mechanism, hospitality, and tourism, agriculture, and to conduct 34 full times vocational courses. The relevant construction will be completed within 3 years the training will be conducted in January 2022.

    Meanwhile, providing Samurdhi facilities for all the people eligible for Samurdhi will be commencing from Polonnaruwa from today under President's patronage. Samurdhi will benefit 150,000 low income families anew. Under the first stage 1500 will be benefitted by Samurdhi under President's patronage while it is scheduled to provide Samurdhi facility for all the Samurdhi beneficiaries within six months.

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