February 26, 2020
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    North East under representation caused ethnic issue says President

    September 22, 2018

    Governments that came to power since 1947 used people’s representatives in the North and East to secure their power and did not take action to create an environment for appropriate political representation that could have solved economic and development issues, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

    President Sirisena was addressing the gathering after vesting with the people development projects completed under the ‘Sirisara Pivisuma’ district development project, on Thursday. The project is implemented under the guidance of President Sirisena to carry out a sustainable development in the Trincomalee district.

    The President said under past governments, limited attention was paid to developmental needs of the people in the North and East. He said under representation in those provinces is among the main causes of the ethnic issue.

    The President said for a certain district to achieve development targets, at least one Cabinet Minister should represent that district and through this, devolution of power would not divide the country.The President, referring to the comprehensive programme implemented to renovate tanks across the country, said the development initiative of the government aims to uplift the economic standard of the rural community.

    The President added that the people elected him as the President on January 8, 2015, to fulfill post-war obligations. The government committed to this within the past three and half years, the President said. He added that numerous tasks have been completed by the government to build national and religious reconciliation while eliminating anxiety and mistrust among the people in the war-affected areas.

    President Sirisena said whatever the challenges faced by him, he would commit to the betterment of the country. President vested the Gomarankadawala Bakmeegama tank renovated under the ‘Sirisara Pivisuma’ project with the public. He opened the 30 km-long electric fence to keep off elephants constructed as a pilot project in Gomarankadawala to provide a solution for the human-elephant conflict.

    Renovation of tanks, constructing electric fences and renovating roads will be carried out under the ‘Sirisara Pivisuma’ project implemented with the guidance of the President.The project is implemented with the assistance of Sri Lanka Army.The President’s Office allocated Rs. 5,000 million for this project. By using the funds, 40 tanks were renovated in the district.

    Unveiling the commemoration plaque and vesting the reconstructed reservoir with the public took place under the patronage of the President.

    Later at a ceremony, the President presented medical equipment worth Rs. 30 million to the Base Hospital in Kantale.

    They were presented to the Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr. D. G. M. Kostha.

    Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan said Sri Lanka has obtained a leadership for people to live in prosperity, enjoying the benefits of peace and development.

    He added that with such leadership, the nation would march forward as an advanced country.

    Such a development process on behalf of the poverty-stricken people was non-existent in the country, said the Opposition Leader, adding that all should equally contribute to the development programme.

    The elephant fence worth Rs. 21.2 million built at Gomarankadawala as a pilot project was opened by the President.

    This would enable to reduce the damage caused by the human-elephant conflict in rural areas.

    This is the first time when concrete beams are used replacing tree trunks for the fence. The beams are made by the Armed Forces.

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