February 05, 2023
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    Government always committed to protect the honour and respect of war heroes

    September 28, 2018

    President Maithripala Sirisena said that the government is always fully committed to safeguard the honour, dignity and respect of war heroes from the top generals to the last private soldier and they would be provided with every privilege. He said this while addressing the Sri Lankans living in United States at the Sri Lanka Permanent Mission to UN in New York yesterday (September 26)

    President was warmly received by the Sri Lankans comprising of intellectuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, academics and university students.He said there were some incidents investigated during the war as well as after the conflict, but they were not related to war and that cannot be described as hunting war heroes under any circumstance. He said it should not be forgotten that one of the expectations during the last Presidential election campaign was that there should be investigations on these stray incidents and the guilty to be punished.

    If there are some more such incidents outside the war field, they also should be brought before the law and such actions would also be an honour for real war heroes. Our soldiers are internationally recognized because such mistakes have been rectified, he said.The President pointed out that freedom and democracy has been established in the Motherland and not a single journalist was attacked or compelled to leave the country during the last three and a half years.

    There are also some victories achieved by the government that are not so visible and the winning back the international support is one such victory, he said and added that his visit to address the 73rd Session of the United Nations General assembly ensured the safeguarding of honour and respect for war heroes.Although the cost of living has increased due to uncertainties in the international arena the government is taking many steps to enhance living standards of the people.

    The efforts made by President Sirisena to protect the honorable image of the Motherland and establish democracy and freedom was highly appreciated by the Sri Lankan community in the United States of America.The President held a friendly chat with them after the meeting.

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