July 17, 2019
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    Indigenous technology museum to preserve heritage Featured

    October 16, 2018

    The constructions of the technological museum of Polonnaruwa came under the inspection of President Maithripala Sirisena , This is the first comprehensive technological museum built after one hundred and fifty years. This technological museum is comprised of cubicles composed of the technology descending from pre- historic era and of the most significant milestones of state patronage through the ages.

    This museum is composed of a modern auditorium and an observational cabin.This is created where local and foreign tourists and students may obtain a better knowldege on our historical traditions and history.

    The physical construction of the museum is almost completed while procedures regarding artifacts have already been taken place.Then the President also engaged in observing the construction of Sri Lanka Chienese kidney hospital built in collaboration with the shared friendship with both the countries constructed in the area of  28th post of Polonnaruwa.

    This hospital is built as the largest kidney hospital in South Asia as an accomplishment of the long term expectation of President Sirisena as a donation from the Chinese government. The President stressed the necessity of providing benefits for the kidney petients by completing the constructions of this hospital.

    Due the recently released media reports on irregular and excavation in Mnampitiya, the president who went on an observational visit to the place instructed the officials to take steps to complete the projects in  the area and take steps to prevent irregularities as soon as possible.Then the President.engaged in a discussion with the related officials to inquire on the construction work.

    The Director of the National Museum Department Thanuja Kasturiarachchi Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom Kumarasiri Sirisena  Chairman of the Central works of Engineering  D.B.A Piyathilake and other officials were present in this event.

    The President also inspected the construction work of the new bus stop built in Polonnruwa under the ‘Pibidemu Polonnaruwa’ district development programme.President Sirisena who observed these works of construction instructed officials to immediately complete the work.He didn’t forget to address grievances of the people in the area while engaging in the observations of these programmes in Polonnaruwa.

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