August 24, 2019
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    We should speedily enter into an Agri-based economy to be self-sufficient – Presiden t Featured

    October 26, 2018

    President Maithripala Sirisena said that the proper time has arrived to get transformed in to a new Agri based economy, as the drought condition is being eradicated and proper pattern of rainfall is being continued. President Sirisena also said that we should approach a self–sufficient economy limiting import of the food that can be cultivated in our country.

    The President said this at the religious ceremony for opening the Dathu shrine room of Shayilathalarama Raja Maha Vihara of Katupotha, Pothwewa, yesterday (25th). The President emphasized the importance of reaching solutions to the economic challenges collectively by the people while understanding the challenges ahead due to the severe climatic changes faced by the country.
    The President who visited the Shayilathalarama Raja Maha Vihara of Katupotha, Pothwewa which has significant historical values and great scenic beauty, after engaging in religious ceremonies.Then the plaque was opened and the Datu shrine was unveiled by the President. The first offering of flowers for the Datu was conducted by the President.
    Planting of a white Bodhi tree brought from India also took place under the patronage of the PresidentThen the President engaged in an observational visit viewing the historical monuments on the sacred premises.
    The Upa Pradana Sangha Nayaka of Katugampoa Hathpattuwa North Weatern Province, Chief Incumbent of Sri Shayilathalarama Raja Maha Vihara Boghapitiye Dhammissara Thero, and Minister S.B. Nawinne, Former Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara, Chief Minister of North Western Province Dharmasiri Dassanayke, Athula Wijeysighe, Shantha Bandara, and officials were present in this event.
    Meanwhile the President also engaged in a special event at the premises of the Vihara signing as attesting witness at two wedding of two young couple of Katupotha area. Kushan Sampath and Madhavi Herath living in Katupotha area Nalin Herath and Diloma Maduwanthi entered wedlock at the Viharaya premises.
    Then the President visited the Katupotha Pahalpothuwewa Primary School and engaged in an observational visit and discussed the wellbeing and activities of the students.

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