November 12, 2019
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    Prophet Muhammad’s teachings based on the noble concept of equality - President

    November 20, 2018

    According to the Holy Quran everything in the universe is created for a certain purpose.The human race is also created to accomplish a certain purpose. Before accomplishing that purpose, Prophet’s descended to this world from time to time and the final one was the Holy Prophet Muhammad, states President Maithripala Sirisena in a message to mark Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday.

    The message adds: “The teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad was based on the noble concept of equality that one person is not superior of inferior to another by race, caste or colour. Every human being has equal rights, according to the Prophet.
    “There was an ignorant era in which the birth of a girl was considered a course and the female infants were buried alive after birth. Yet, before long Holy Prophet Muhammad was able to win the women the right to live.
    “The Prophet was opposed to exploitation of people and worked towards the freedom of the slaves. He said that the labourers should be given their remuneration even before their sweat dries away.
    “The way Holy Prophet Muhammad contributed towards the human values and humanity during an era of conflict is indeed exemplary to all of us.
    “On this day of the Holy Prophet Mohamed’s Birth Anniversary, I earnestly hope that the great vision of the Nabi, which carries the message of universal love for all beings will guide all of us in our day to day endeavours.
    “I express respect and well wishes to all the Islamic devotees in Sri Lanka and abroad on this important occasion,” the President’s message adds

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