October 17, 2019
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    Retired Tri-Forces needed for country’s progress says President Featured

    November 27, 2018

    President Maithripala Sirisena said the mature skills, knowledge and experience of the Tri Forces veterans could be put to good use in the best interests of the country.The President said as Commander-in-Chief of the Tri-Forces, he would prefer if a solution is brought forward through discussions from within the Tri-Forces and he is ready to implement these suggestions which would be beneficial to the country.

    “By the time military officers who have served for many years reach the point where they mature in knowledge and experience and reach retirement age, it is our duty to find ways as to how they can best serve the country as highly skilled persons with knowledge,” the President said.

    The President was addressing the inaugural session of the Conference of Officers of Tri-Forces and Senior Non-commissioned Officers held at Aththidiya Regal Lake Side yesterday (26).

    While acknowledging the commitment and service rendered to the country and its people by the Security Forces, he said he had the highest respect and gratitude for all those who serve in the Tri-Forces in all capacities.

    President Sirisena noted that irrespective of their posts or ranks, sometimes people serve the country at various levels, while carrying huge personal burdens on their shoulders. The President said he has a great respect and faith towards the Tri-Forces as the Commander-in-Chief and expressed appreciation for the contribution made by the Tri-Forces in national security, development as well as welfare.

    The Conference was held under the theme, “The professional duty of the commissioned officers of Tri-Forces and senior non-commissioned officers facing challenges”.

    The objective of this Conference is to build a background for commissioned officers of the Tri-Forces and senior non-commissioned officers, to accomplish duties while maintaining positive inter-relationships and expanding knowledge and to conduct duties with acquired skills and leadership qualities towards the development of the organisation, utilising modern technology and professional expertise.

    This Conference by the Sri Lanka Army was held yesterday for the first time, but it is intended to include it in the Army calendar every year from now on.

    Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando, Chief of Defence Staff and Commanders of the Tri-Forces were present.

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