November 17, 2019
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    President exhorts Secretaries to work diligently

    December 24, 2018

    “All of you who received appointments as Ministry Secretaries for the second time within a matter of two months have my blessings and good wishes. I wish you all strength and ability to carry out your duties and responsibilities properly. I will always stand by you personally, as well as in my capacity as President when you perform those duties properly, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

    The President was speaking to newly appointed Secretaries to Ministries at the Presidential Secretariat on Friday.“We need a good state administration. You have a clear understanding of the country’s political and economic environment and the social background. Our main target is to build a disciplined society and build a country devoid of poverty,” the President said.

    “The twin challenges before us are elimination of poverty and building a disciplined society. We are a team dedicated towards those principles. I had full confidence in you when I appointed you to these posts.” “Although we had been regularly using the word yahapalanaya, we have still not reached that objective of good governance.”

    “I trust that you will act in your ministries to achieve that objective. I trust that you will perform you duties and responsibilities notwithstanding any pressure or proposals for unethical activities. No one should try to safeguard anyone engaged in corruption or fraud. Any covert unethical activity will someday come to light and be discovered by the public. So let us dedicate ourselves towards good governance,” the President said.

    “There is no need for me to remind you of your duties and responsibilities as a Ministry Secretary. Use your knowledge and experience and visit all departments and institutions coming under you purview once a month, have discussions with staff to offer them encouragement, and do everything possible to improve their efficiency. Even certain Ministers warmed their chairs without visiting the institutions under their purview.”

    “When I was Agriculture Minister, I used to visit my departments and institutions unannounced and I used to inquire about the problems that officers, the office cadre and those visiting the institutions faced. I also inquired into files that were piled up and outstanding work. I have this practice even today.”

    “When I went to certain sections when I was Agriculture Minister, some computer screens displayed certain unpalatable things which could not be described. But a person who saw those officials from a distance thought they were busy with official work.”

    “As such, staff in various institutions and departments should be given encouragement to do hard work by explaining matters to them. Failure to have a dialogue with staff breeds suspicion. So I trust that you all can do some good work by attending to any shortcomings.”

    “I wish you and the country a Happy Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year.”

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