October 16, 2019
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    Economic Transformation take place this year – President invites public servants to join Featured

    February 12, 2019

    An important decision by the President to protect the environment It is mandatory to obtain a license for  Chainsaw Machine ”This is an election year. While politicians are fighting this election this year, we are confronted with the challenge of raising the country’s economic growth rate, which is an achievable goal this year” stating President Maithripala Sirisena invited the entire public service to join hands to make this year a changing point in the economy of the country.

    If not, we would have to face a bitter economic situation. Therefore, developmental activities and public services should never be halted due to election campaigns, he said.The President said that the government should not bring down the government’s program to liberate its people from the prevailing situation and develop a righteous society and the country.

    President Sirisena made this remark at a special meeting held at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall in Colombo today (11th) morning.The Gramashakthi People’s Movement which is carried on under the guidance of President Sirisena in order to eradicate poverty and those special projects conducted by the President’s office towards the common benefits of people, discussions were made on making aware the public officials and the political authority about the objectives of 2019.

    The Ministers who represent the Parliament and the governors and the chief ministers and governors representing provincial councils and all the line ministers, secretaries of provincial councils, district secretaries, divisional secretaries and public officers representing the related fields were also present in this event.

    The Village Empowerment Movement has been successfully implemented island-wide today as one of the major rural poverty alleviation programs. This program is unique in creating a person who is free from poverty and self-replicating through the production process. This year, the President’s intention is to expand the program further. For the same purpose, the week from February 18th to 24th named ‘Gramashakthi Week’.

    The National Program on Drug Abuse, the National Kidney Prevention Program, the National Environmental Program, the Let’s Protect Children National Program, the Sustainable School Program, National Food Program, the National Nutrition Program, the National Program on Empowering Disabled Persons and Adults, the Cultural Re-awakening Program conducted through the Presidential Secretariat for public benefit and the programs implemented is expected to expand further this year.

    With the objective of achieving sustainable development goals and achieving poverty free Sri Lanka by 2025; these programs have been implemented in accordance with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.The launch of the program in 2019 was also augmented by a further awareness of the political authority and state machinery of these national programs.

    Speaking at the event, President said that the economic growth slowing down in Sri Lanka, with only 3% to 4% growth rate will not be the good for the country and it is very bad if it falls further this year due to political reasons.The President urged all to fulfill their commitment to uplift the living standards of the country’s 21 million people by making the country more productive. While emphasizing the importance of improving the efficiency of the public service, the President outlined the importance of targeted work and the maximum use of the available provisions.

    Speaking on the national drug prevention program that has been widely implemented island wide, the President said that there is a strong law enforcement program aimed at curbing drug use and a program to free those addicted.He also informed about the national program for conservation of the environment.

    The President said that a new circular should be issued to make if mandatory to obtain permits for all machines from the small Chainsaw machines to large scale machines used for felling trees.Accordingly, any persons possessing such machines should report to the nearest police station from February 15 to March 01. Each police station should have a list of persons who possess such machines in their area and steps will be taken to issue licenses to them.

    The President said that those who use such machinery without a license will be arrested and will be prosecuted. He said that all these decisions were made in the country and future generations.

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