December 14, 2019
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    Teachers’ responsibility to create a disciplined young generation is boundless Featured

    March 12, 2019

    President Maithripala Sirisena says even though traditionally in our country children are disciplined at schools, at present, the interference of the concept of human rights in the duty of teachers has made it a challenge for the task of building a better future generation.The President further said that although various ideas were emerging in the society regarding teachers punishing children due to an occasional fault, the teachers’ responsibility in creating a disciplined and better society is boundless.

    The President made these remarks participating in the 100th Anniversary celebrations of the Kokawala Central College in Matara, yesterday (11). President Sirisena, expressing his ideas further said that the child should get the proper guidance and love from the home as well as from school and if it does not happen, the children will get addicted to social menaces like consuming drugs and engage in criminal activities.

    The students of the Kokawala Central College warmly welcomed the President when he arrived at the venue.President Sirisena also vested the Primary Learning Resource Center built at the school, under the ‘Nearest School is the Best School National Programme’, with the students.The President also made an observational tour of the Learning Resource Center and observed the activities of the children.

    Meanwhile, the President paid floral tributes to the photographs of his former school teachers, Mr. Sirisena Wijesiriwardena and Ms. Kusuma Wijesiriwardana.The President also laid the foundation stone for the proposed fully-equipped Sports Pavilion at the school.The President also made a donation for the constructions as well.

    Matara, Hambantota, Sanghannayake, Puhulwella, Kirinda Poorwarama, Pirivena Chief Incumbent Ven. Aparekka Himarathana Thero, Governor, Ranjith Keerthi Thennakoon, Educational Minister of South Province, Chandima Rasaputhra, Minister of South Province, Manoj Sirisena, Specialist Dr. Bandula Wijesiriwardhana, the Principle R.M.R. Bandara and teachers, Parents and old students were also present on this occasion.



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