December 02, 2022
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    49,488 houses built in North & East for IDPs

    March 13, 2014

    Sri Lanka intervening during the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council in an ID with the Special Rapporteur on Right to Food and Special Rapporteur on Right to Adequate Housing on Monday (10th March), has said 49,488 houses have been constructed in the Northern and Eastern Provinces for the IDPs at a cost of SL Rs 16,112.00 Mn under the North East Housing Reconstruction Programme (NEHRP).

    In line with the LLRC recommendation, the Government is also implementing the Land Commissioner General's Special Land Circular which provides for the granting of legal ownership of land to those IDPs who have been resettled, Sri Lanka has said.

    Sri Lanka has further added that With the aim of alleviating poverty and achieving social equity, the Government of Sri Lanka has launched the DiviNeguma programme encompassing livelihood development activities to, inter alia, ensure food security for each individual and family; to improve the living standards of people; to mobilize and empower people for national development; to upgrade physical and social infrastructure facilities; and to create a social security network for those who are in need of economic upliftment.

    As a result, Sri Lanka is self-sufficient in staple food production with a surplus of rice and maize, and 85% of the population having access to improved water sources.

    The statement issued by Sri Lanka in this regard further states: "Sri Lanka's national policy framework to ensure food security is implemented through the National Agriculture Policy (NAP) which also aims at ensuring higher and sustainable incomes for farmers and remunerative prices for agricultural products. One significant step in this regard is assistance to farmers in reducing production costs by provision of fertiliser subsidy for all agricultural crops.

    "Special attention is also paid by the Government to enhance the participation of women in agriculture, including within the household. The Divi Neguma programme which promotes home gardening and urban agriculture is a case in point. "

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