September 25, 2020
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    External degree applicants pick easy subjects

    August 21, 2014

    Candidates applying for external degrees in universities usually opt to select subjects which are considered easy to get through rather than selecting ones which have higher demand in the labour market, Higher Education Minister S.B.Dissanayake said in Parliament today (21).

    The minister said this responding to a question raised by UNP Hambantota District MP Sajith Premadasa.
    Minister Dissanayake said that it had been noticed that most of the applicants for external degree holders plan to get through examinations to obtain a degree with the intention of securing a government sector job that would ensure pensions. “There are 80,192 students reading for external degrees in the University of Kelaniya. It has been observed that 90 percent of students do not select degree programmes which have higher demand in the labour market,” he said.

    The Minister said that Technology stream subjects had been introduced to the curriculum so that the students who study them could continue their education in vocational training institutes and technical colleges. “We hope this introduction would help us reduce the demand from students for external degrees,” he said. (Special Reporter/HC)

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