December 10, 2019
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    President returns after successful visit to China

    May 17, 2019

    President Maithripala Sirisena returned to the Island yesterday (16) after successfully completing the brief official visit to China bringing many developmental benefits to the country while enhancing the cooperation regarding the national security of Sri Lanka. The official discussion held between President Sirisena and the Chinese President Xi Jinping was concluded in a fruitful manner and the Chinese President pledged to provide every possible assistance to Sri Lanka to curb terrorism.

    The Chinese government has taken steps to provide a grant of Rs 2,600 million for Security Forces during this emergency situation on a request by President Maithripala Sirisena. The Chinese President has also agreed to immediately release 100 jeeps and many other equipment costing Rs. 1,500 million to the Sri Lanka Police Department.President Sirisena briefed his Chinese counterpart about the Easter Sunday attacks, steps taken by the government following the attacks and the new security mechanism put in place by the government. The discussion also focused on strengthening cooperation in the defence sector and sharing intelligence between the two countries. President Sirisena said that the country does not have technological expertise and equipment to trace the individuals who are fanning the flames of terrorism by propagating false information through social media.

    The Chinese President agreed to provide necessary technological expertise and equipment to the country immediately. He also informed President Sirisena that a Chinese technical team will be sent to Sri Lanka soon to look into the matter. Both leaders also discussed on the progress of development projects being implemented in the country with Chinese financial assistance. Sri Lanka President said that he expects to complete the constructions of these projects soon.

    A meeting between president Sirisena and the Prime minister of China Li Keqiang was held at Beijing yesterday (15th). Then, China’s Prime Minister also stressed that China is firmly in touch with Sri Lanka in the fight against terrorism.

    After one year a number of tourists from China are reaching Sri Lanka and one of the most profound investment opportunities will be carried on by China. Managing the political circumstance emerged as the leader of the state, the security of the parties that have invested and hope to invest in Sri Lanka in the future and the security of the tourists are to ensured where the President discussed the decisions on behalf of that.

    Meanwhile, the international Conference on Asian civilization was addressed by the President where he expressed to world leaders that it is essential to join hands together with the allied countries to eradicate terrorism from the world. Leaders and other representatives from 47 countries listened to President Sirisena’s speech with admiration as a leader who has fought against terrorism and has carried a broader program against terrorism.

    (The ministers and representatives who participated in the President’s official visit to China had made the statements).

    Minister Mr. Daya Gamage

    I believe that the visit by His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena to China, on the invitation of the Chinese President Xi Jingping China is a great opportunity for our country. The visit resulted in signing of two MoUs between China and Sri Lanka. China has agreed to provide assistance worth over two billion rupees to Sri Lanka. The Chinese government gave us the high technology assistance to protect the national security of our country which we need for the country at this moment.

    They also agreed to give 100 Jeeps to the Police Department, acceding to the request made by the President. In addition, our country will get every possible support to boost tourists industry, which has eclined now. So, we invited the Deputy Tourist Minister of China to visit to Sri Lanka to help to bring back the situation. Actually, he accepted the invitation. I believe that Chinese tourists will come in large numbers soon. Similarly, the Chinese Government agreed to give us every possible help to ensure the security of the country in the future. I think this trip is a very successful one.

    State Minister Ashok Abeysinghe

    An important conference regarding Asian civilizations was held at Beijing, China with the participation of 48 Asian countries.

    His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena was received a special invitation by Xi Jinping, President of China. The two leaders used this opportunity to conduct a discussion regarding the current situation of the country. That discussion was quite successful. At the very beginning of the discussion, the President insisted the modern technology we are in need of, to maintain the security of the country. At that time, the President of china acceded to the request made by the President of Sri Lanka, and decided to grant 100 million Yuan in assistance. He further promised that the funds we further need would be granted after discussing with the officials. He also agreed to give 100 jeeps for the benefit of the Police in Sri Lanka.

    He further agreed to grant security equipment that are needed for airports in the future. He also assured that the two sides should work together to strengthen the bond in between China and Sri Lanka.

    In addition to the successful discussions held between the President of Sri Lanka and China, our President also met the Prime Minister of China as well. The Prime Minister also agreed and conformed the matters discussed earlier. In Addition, the declining of tourist arrivals in consequence of the Easter Friday attack (21) was also discussed. They noted that around 2,3 lacks Chinese tourists visit Sri Lanka. They also considered the required measures to increase the tourist arrivals in the future. The success behind this discussion can be noticed, from the fact that the discussion continued for two hours and both the parties share their opinions precisely during the discussion.

    Our President initiated a face to face discussion with one of the world’s superpowers and It has been a great victory that our President could obtain all the supports and grants from that powerful country.

    Southern Province Governor Ranjith Keerthi Tennakoon

    The tour to China today along with several Cabinet Ministers and Governors is very important to the President. We were able to reach our targets during this tour. We were able to engage in bilateral discussions with the Chinese President and the Prime Minister, and also some key institutions such as the Foreign Ministry as well as the security services. We were able to gain the technical and material support as well as electronic devices, software and funding that we need to battle against terrorism. China is a country which was able to stand firm against terrorism, racism and also various religious divisions. They shared their experience in handling such situations and also opted to hand Sri Lanka the devices and software which were used in the process. Further, they agreed to provide Sri Lanka 100 jeeps to be distributed among the Department of Police and also other Security Services. As a result of this tour, Sri Lanka will receive software which would help control racial and hate messages and monitor the people spreading fake news.

    Moreover, the seafaring vessel which was previously discussed could be handed over within the next month and it could help tighten the security of coastal areas. It will be helpful to Sri Lanka’s bid to eradicate narcotics in the country. Following the unfortunate incidents occurred recently, we realized that Sri Lanka government and security services lack the technology to combat terrorism. China who is a long-standing friend of Sri Lanka has given the knowledge and technology that is required to fight terrorism. I must also mention that during some key stages of the war against LTTE, China provided technical and military aid. So getting that support once again is crucial for Sri Lanka at a time like this. Sri Lanka will receive resources worth five billion rupees.

    Statement by Governor of the Northern Province, Dr. SurenRaghavan

    Hello and good day to you. We have just returned from China, after a three day official visit with H.E. the President MaithripalaSirisena.

    I must recalled here and register that this visit has been an extremely successful visit for Sri Lanka as a state and for all Sri Lankans irrespective of their ethnicity or religion because we agreed with the Chinese government to work together in a way that an advanced manner to pre-prepare ourselves for any extremism or terrorism that could be possible in the future. For this basically the greatest contribution is an advanced surveillance system, advanced investigating system, advanced collecting of information system that has been agreed upon.

    Nearly about 5 billion rupees worth of military support in terms of software in terms of other equipment has been promised to Sri Lanka and I think this is very successful agreement because, as we all know Sri Lanka is situated in an absolutely strategically important location in the Indian Ocean, therefore Sri Lanka could be used as a base for terrorism even to attack other countries. Therefore we need to be prepared.

    H E the President MaithripalaSirisena, during this visit under his leadership, has succeeded to securing that area. I believe this will send the confidence message to all communities irrespective of their locations and we can return to our normal lives as soon as possible and that’s my own wish as well as the wish of the Ministers and Governors who were there and all of them supported this process wholeheartedly and I think we can wish that Sri Lanka will get back to normalcy as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much.




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