February 25, 2020
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    President meets senior police officers

    June 09, 2019

    President Maithripala Sirisena said he disapproves summoning State Intelligence officers before the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) and revealing sensitive information.He also said that he will not permit any security officer in active duty to appear before the Committee and he will accept their responsibility. President Sirisena made these comments at the monthly meeting with the senior officials of the Police Department at the Presidential Secretariat Friday (07th) afternoon.

    He said the Attorney General has apprised him in writing that five cases in connection with the Easter Sunday attacks have been taken up before the Supreme Court and appointment of Parliament Select Committee over the Easter Sunday attacks will have an effect on the judicial process. The President said that he submitted the relevant letter to the Speaker but regretted that the Speaker has failed to keep the House informed about his letter to the Speaker at the beginning of parliamentary proceedings.
    The President Sirisena directed the Ministry Secretary in charge of Salu Sala to release the land belonging to Salu Sala to the Police Department. He ordered the Ministry Secretary to dissolve the Salu Sala director board as it is a burden to the government. The President also focused on the programme to grant due promotions to police officers. It was mentioned that promotions would be given to the relevant police officers after this scheme is approved by the National Police Commission and the Salaries and the Cadres Commission.
    The Special Task Force discussed the prompt approval of new recruits and the speedy action to obtain arms, and also reviewed the progress of the program for the eradication of toxin drugs. Police officers killed during the operation in the aftermath of Easter Sunday attacks were paid Rs. 2.5 million each in compensation. Three Muslims who provided information about the hideouts of the terrorists in Sainthamarthu were given one million rupees each.


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