August 20, 2019
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    Every possible step taken to bring maximum benefits to people - President Featured

    September 02, 2014

    The Government, as a people-friendly and patriotic Government has taken every possible step to bring maximum benefits to the people, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


    After liberating the area from the clutches of terrorism, the entire country is being developed. Everyone is witness to the development dividends, he added.


    The Government never hesitates to allocate funds for people-friendly, fruitful and result oriented development activities. Hence, both the people and the country are benefited by these programs, he said.


    The President was addressing the gathering of the opening ceremony of Madulla Multi-Purpose Trade Centre at Madulla, Dambagalle in the Bibile yesterday (Aug. 31).


    However, all these activities are closely monitored to ensure they are fruitfully uitilised, the President said.


    We are all children of one mother. Therefore, we should all come forward to take the country forward forgetting minor issues, the President noted.


    President Rajapaksa said all sectors have been placed on a rapid development track including education, infrastructure, health, transport, agriculture etc.


    Speaking on computer literacy, the President said the country has achieved significant progress in computer literacy.


    He said there is a policy decision to make computer literacy reach 75 percent by 2016.


    President Rajapaksa said a mechanism will be put in place next year to provide every household with pure drinking water similar to electricity for every family.


    Under this project attention has been paid to supply purified sea water as a remedy to drought, he said.


    Several countries produce drinking water by purifying sea water, the President said.


    He said technology has been introduced as a new stream to the Advanced Level aiming to bring the latest knowledge and technology to the country.


    The people in the Uva province always stood by the UPFA which was able to take the country forward, President Rajapaksa said.


    He said Uva bore a historic significance in that it was the patriotic people of Uva who fought for the country’s sovereignty.


    The people of Uva had sacrificed a lot for the freedom and sovereignty of the country, the President said.


    The President said he is confident that the people of Uva will place the country above everything else so that maximum benefits will accrue to its people.


    “You will be the people who will work for the forward march of the peaceful country,” President Rajapaksa said attention has been paid towards reducing electricity tariff in due course.


    He added that moves are underway to revise the electricity tariff in line with the ongoing rural electrification program. Under this project, every household will receive electricity by 2016, he said.


    President Rajapaksa said this was the era of development.


    Addressing a meeting at the Kaduwela Buddhadasa Grounds on Saturday (Aug. 30), President said the present Government has completed a vast number of development projects during a short period and that the Government will not stop its forward march until the pledges given to the people are fulfilled.


    Thereafter the President participated at another meeting at the Viharamahadevi Park organized by the electoral representatives of the Colombo Urban Sector Under 'Rata Rakina Nil Pavura Surakimu Mavubimba' concept. A massive number of SLFP members participated at these events. (PRIU)


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