October 24, 2019
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    Govt works to achieve development goals, not to gain votes – President

    September 02, 2014

    The present Government never does anything for political gain or to attract votes. Everything is done to a proper plan, a set target and with a result oriented vision, President Rajapaksa said.


    A mechanism will be put in place next year to provide every household with pure drinking water similar to electricity for every family. “Under this project, attention has been paid to supply purified sea water to certain areas as a remedy for the drought,” he added.


    The President was addressing the gathering at Mediriya Rajananda Central College, Moneragala after commissioning the Mahindodaya Technical Laboratory yesterday (Sep. 01).


    The Government will launch a mega scale purified water supply project at a cost of Rs.5.4 billion to address the long felt need of the people in the Moneragala District, President Rajapaksa said.


    Every household, approximately 70,000 housing units from Buttala to Madulla will be served under this project.


    Considering the severe hardship faced by the people of the area, the Government focused its attention on finding a long lasting solution to the scarcity of purified water. The project will be implemented in the near future, the President said.


    He said the Government has put a full stop to injustice in the education sphere affecting rural students, a state of affairs for decades, with the introduction of equal education opportunities for every student. The President opened several new buildings including a Mahindodaya technical laboratory with a library, language lab, mathematics lab, information technology lab etc at Vipulananda Tamil Vidyalaya, Paalaruwa, Moneragala. President Rajapaksa said in line with the policy decision of the government, immediate measures were taken to provide equal education for all students.


    Accordingly, 1,000 Mahindodaya secondary schools, equipped with all facilities for education including Mahindodaya technical laboratory are being constructed countrywide. Under the program, three Mahindodaya schools will be established at every Divisional Secretariat Division totaling 1,000 schools countrywide, he said. While speaking on education sector development initiatives, the President said the Government placed education on the right track.


    “It is stated in the Mahinda Chintana that prime concern has to be given for the uplift of education aiming to achieve the position of ‘Knowledge Hub of Asia’. Therefore, moves are underway to create a student population capable enough to drive the country forward. Utilising the resources of these Mahindodaya technical laboratories that comes with 68 computers the students will be strong enough to conquer the world,” the President said.


    “The student should be capable enough to tap into the modern advancements of the world. The Government provides every possible facility for the country’s education sector. The education sector has been subjected to changes in accordance with changing world trends. Moreover, the changes should be qualitative and result-oriented. The Government is concerned about the quality of education and facilities available for education,” the President added.


    President Rajapaksa reiterated the importance of developing children, both mentally and physically, which involves providing adequate care and protection at home and in society.


    He said parents as well as the entire society should be vigilant about their children and direct them on the correct path.


    “Children are the future stakeholders of the country and therefore, they should be guided on the correct path.


    Society too has an equal responsibility in directing the children. The Government alone cannot do this,” he said.


    The President also noted that development activities being carried out throughout the country would become meaningless if a morally upright and disciplined society is not created.


    He said education paves the way for a well-disciplined society.


    The President urged the people to take the country forward joining hands in a friendly and brotherly manner.


    “It is only then that we can develop the province and then the country and finally we will be able to win the world,” President Rajapaksa said.

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