November 28, 2022
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    Deepavali symbolises peace, harmony - President Featured

    October 26, 2019

    People the world over celebrate their victories by holding various celebrations to rejoice triumphs, elation and freedom achieved by human society, defeating sufferings through self determination. Accordingly, I am very pleased to send this message of greetings on the occasion of the festival of Deepavali celebrated by the Hindus throughout the world by lighting lamps, symbolizing the victory of peace, harmony and love over hatred, selfishness, jealousy and anger, states President Maithripala Sirisena.

    The message adds: “As the Vesak festival of Buddhists, Deepavali of Hindus, the festival of lights is a historic celebration, which bestows freedom on human society by defeating evil. In view of that, I believe that these kind of cultural events will be a great opportunity to build communal reconciliation and mutual understanding among the people in an environment where we live anticipating reconciliation and harmony.

    “The Deepavali cultural festival that is celebrated with utmost devotion not only by Sri Lankan Hindus, but also Hindus throughout the world, including those living in India, Nepal, Singapore and Malaysia, paves the way to build a brotherly relationship between the countries.

    “May the lamps that illuminate during Deepavali pave the way to gain victory of knowledge over ignorance, and I wish all Hindus in Sri Lanka and abroad who celebrate Deepavali, happiness and prosperity and may their lives be illuminated with wisdom,” the message states.



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