November 21, 2019
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    Plans afoot to obtain subsidized fuel for SLTB buses

    September 10, 2014

    Transport Minister Kumara Welgama said in Parliament today that he was planning to submit a proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers seeking permission to obtain subsidized fuel from the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) to buses of the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB).


    The minister said this in response to a question raised by UNP Colombo District MP Ravi Karunanayake, who demanded to know as to why the SLTB did not obtain fuel for a lower price from the CPC which provide fuel for a subsidized price to the Srilankan Airlines.


    The minister said that the SLTB had become a loss making venture as a result of short-sighted actions by the previous UNP regime which had sold out SLTB’s Central Workshops such as the one at the Werahera. Now the SLTB had to obtain those services from outside service providers for a higher price.


    The Minister said that he would take steps necessary to obtain funds to develop the SLTB which had been making losses during the recent years.


    Minister Welgama said that the there are 33,293 employed in the SLTB and the income per person is, per month is Rs 80,880.85. The expenditure per person is Rs 85,730.00.  These are no employee shortage in the SLTB at present. New recruitment is taken place for drivers, conductors, and technicians as there would be vacancies in near future following large number of retirements due in next couple of years. Recruitment of qualified persons is required to fill the forthcoming vacancies of drivers and conductors as a result of purchasing 2,200 new buses. (Special Reporter/HC)

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