August 23, 2019
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    President discusses burning problems in all five districts in Northern Province Featured

    October 14, 2014

    The government has finalised a mega scale water supply project to satisfy the long felt need of the people in the Northern Province President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

    Addressing the District Development Progress Review Meeting of the Northern Province on Monday (13) in Jaffna the President said that measures will be taken to supply water to the Northern Province from the Mahaweli thereby paving the way to irrigate the province and access to pure drinking water.


    President Rajapaksa also emphasised that all politicians are duty bound to protect and safeguard the laws of the country and the people without pursuing petty political agenda.


    The meeting commenced with the welcome speech by Minister Douglas Devananda. He was followed by Jaffna District Secretary Sundaram Arunainayagam, who presented the Jaffna District progress report.


    According to the report, the Government has invested Rs.89, 021.2 million in seven key sectors from 2009. Rs.2,464 million was reserved for agriculture, Rs.3,111 million for industries, tourism and trade, Rs.18,179 million for human settlement, Rs.6,225 million for economic infrastructure, Rs.48,055 million for transport, Rs.8,663 million for social infrastructure and Rs.2,320 for administrative activities.


    The President also revealed that the income of a main household in Jaffna has reached Rs.34,788 per month up from Rs.20,048 in 2005.

    “As a whole, the entire district has been subjected to rapid development in every sector during a short period. All those sectors have shown a significant and gradual growth from 2009. Of these, the progress achieved in the livestock sector has been significant..


    The President focused his attention towards the burning issues in the province such as teacher shortage, scarcity of drinking water, issues relating to farming, fishing, animal husbandry, health needs etc. He instructed officials to take measures to solve problems in all five districts in the Northern Province.


    President Rajapaksa instructed officials to take immediate action to find solutions to the drinking water problem in these districts


    The President advised Provincial Education authorities to take measures to end the teacher shortage in rural schools by implementing a proper teacher transfer and recruitment procedure.


    The President also ordered Road Development Authority officials to take immediate measures to mend the dangerous bends on the A9 road and asked the Power and Energy Minister to take steps to provide street lights along the road since the provincial authorities are reluctant to serve the people.(KH)

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