January 28, 2020
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    Norochcholai Plant is not for sale

    October 21, 2014

    Government had no intention to sell out Norochcholai Coal Power Plant to China or any other country, Power and Energy Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said in Parliament today (21).

    Responding to a query raised by UNP Galle District MP Gayantha Karunatileka, Minister Wanniarachchi said it was not the policy of incumbent government to sell the national assets.


    The Norochcholoai Coal Power Plant suffered 24 breakdowns since the date it began generating electricity, the minister said adding that repair work of aforesaid breakdowns had cost Rs 9.7 million to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). Of those breakdowns, 16 instances occurred during the warranty period of the relevant equipments, so that the CEB need not to bear any cost for them.


    The total cost incurred for the production of one unit of electricity after adding the additional cost incurred as a result of the breakdowns in the Norochcholai plant was Rs 18, Minister Wanniarachchi added. (Special Reporter)

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