November 14, 2019
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    President to launch Policy Manifesto for election

    November 13, 2014

    Minister Susil Premajayantha revealed that the President will launch a Policy Manifesto on behalf of the future Presidential election. He mentioned that a new manifesto was being planned to be launched, as a slew of pledges enunciated in the Mahinda Chinthana and the Mahinda Chinthana Future Vision have been honored.

    Addressing a news conference held at the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Head Office in Colombo yesterday (Nov. 12), Minister Pemajayantha said that during a national election they release an election manifesto. Initially they launched the Mahinda Chinthana and the Mahinda Chinthana Future Vision was presented in the year 2010.


    The Minister claimed that they have approached the next national election, fulfilling a large number of pledges given in the Future Vision. He said they will also be presenting such a manifesto for the 2015 Presidential election. It will mention the initiatives that are being planned for the future.


    The Minister further told the news briefing that the Opposition was referring to the Executive Presidential system as they had no other slogan. He pointed that the effort of the Opposition was to destabilize the country politically to meet the needs of foreign forces.


    The Minister said that the main slogan of the Opposition is the abolition of the Presidency. They even opposed it in the 2005 election. The Opposition has no main slogan to be presented acceptable to the people to defeat the President or the United People’s Freedom Alliance. In the year 2005, every election was held with parties pledging to end the war. But the President succeeded in ending the war and enthroning peace in the country.(KH/PRIU)

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