January 19, 2020
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    President places omniscient sacred relics in 'Sandahiru Stupa' Featured

    November 23, 2014

    The ceremony to enshrine the omniscient sacred relics in the Sandahiru Seya, the triumphant Stupa was held today (23rd November) at Anuradhapura under the patronage of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    First Lady, Madam Shiranthi Rajapakse, Secretary Defence and Urban Development Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa accompanied by the Chairperson of the Seva Vanitha Unit of the MOD&UD were also present at the occasion.


    The Sandhahiru Stupa is being built in the ancient capital Anurahapura in the vicinity of the historic Ruwanweli Seya Dagoba as a symbol of gratitude for the sacrifices made by the War Heroes in safeguarding the motherland from terrorism.


    The sacred relics were taken in procession from Colombo to Anuradhapura via Kandy prior to the enshrinement at the Stupa providing opportunity for public veneration.


    The religious ceremony took place with the participation of over six thousand five hundred members of the Venerable Maha Sangha. Religious observances were held to invoke blessings for the placing of omnificent sacred relics. Delivering an Anusasana, Venerable Prof. Medagoda Abhayatissa thero prayed for the lifelong existence of peace.


    This unique spiritual ceremony is being held in the country after many centuries as this is the first time a Stupa of this magnitude is being built in Sri Lanka since the time of ancient kings.


    The omniscient sacred relics were placed in a special relics chamber built in the inner sanctum of the Pagoda. The sacred relics consecrate from five key temples were enshrined by the President in keeping with time held traditions, under the careful supervision of Maha Sangha. Relics will be deposited on a lotus flower made out of precious stone inside a solid golden replica of the Stupa which has embedded with precious gems.


    In the meantime, 16 sets of the Tripitaka inscribed into 16293 pages made out of gold which is weighing approximately four kilogrammes and a hundred page Ven. Piruwana Tome was also enshrined together with the sacred relics.


    In parallel to this ceremony an International Buddhist Conference was also held yesterday by the Buddhist University with the participation of the Maha Sangha and many foreign and local delegates.


    The 'Sandahiru Seya' project, a brainchild of HE the President is carried out under the direction of Secretary Defence and Urban Development Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The Stupa is being built at right opposite of the Anuradhapura Sri Sarananda Pirivena premises. The construction of the 279 feet Stupa requires 30 million bricks and 40,000 bags of cement. The extent of the Stupa will be 255 feet. The project commenced with the President's donation of Rs.25 million. Tri-Forces, Police and the Civil Defence Force personnel are involved in the construction of the mega Stupa.


    The general public here and abroad has also contributed towards the construction of the Stupa as a mark of respect and gratitude to the sacrifices of the War Heroes.


    Venerable members of the Maha Sangha, Hon. Prime Minister, Ministers, Governors, Parliamentarians, Chief of Defence Staff, tri-forces commanders, IGP, senior state and military officials and a large number of lay devotees were present at the occasion.

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